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Chinese Writing Sheets

This area holds a few different sheets I created some years back for writing characters. The types of sheets available here are four-square and nine-square boxes, with a few different variations and different sizes. They are in RTF format, so most more recent word processors should be able to handle them (I think, I hope :) ). Word works for sure (that's what I created them using), and the version of Wordpad that comes with XP can view them too (although the inner lines aren't dotted like they should be).

Anyways this is very much an amateur effort, but nonetheless I have made an effort to have the sizes closely match standard box sizes (using a few writing books I have) and all the lines should be fully straight and equally positioned. Feel free to do whatever you want with the files- edit them to your content, post them elsewhere or whatever. :)

Sheets Based around 4-Square Grids:

Sheets based around 9-Square Grids: