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Welcome to my weird and wonderful site- I hope your stay will be a pleasant one. There are two main sections on this site:

Lotus Goddess' Mirror, a fansite for the game Dream of Mirror Online, which provides previews for armor and costumes. (Active)
Lotus Goddess Archives, a fan infosite for the now defunct game Fung Wan Online/Storm Riders Online. (Inactive)

In addition to these I also have two smaller sections, Chinese Language and Colouring Pictures. The Chinese Language section can be considered a legacy section and has not been changed for a long time. As for the Colouring Pictures page, it is a full gallery of the pictures that were displayed in the old header using a randomizer script.

New Additions (All Male Races):
- Ancient Warrior(with Helmet), Green Mecha Armor, Pink Mecha Armor, Ranger, Reindeer, Silver Roman Armor, Summer Beach Bathers II, Sushi Chef

New Additions (Male Sylph, Human, Sprite):
- 18th Century(no Wig), American GI, Knight(no Helm or Sword)

This update is thanks to a group of very special anonymous contributors who helped gather up as many costumes as possible in the final days of Aeria Domo, in the hopes helping me to get my costume galleries as complete as possible before the end.  I never intended to put off running this update so long, but anyways here it is at long last. Thanks also to Ittoujuu(1) for modeling the Sushi Chef costume.

With this update, I've finally cleared the backlog of unedited images that I took before the end of Aeria, but hopefully there will be many more fresh updates to come in the future. I might also make some minor changes and small improvements to the site here and there from time to time.


Suba Games' English DoMO Closed Beta is currently in full swing, and if you are interested you can still join in. More information is available here, and there is a detailed FAQ as well. A directory of third-party sites where CB keys are available is located here.

Check the replies to this post here to see the additional group 4-race pics.

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New Additions (All Male Races):
Lv68-70 HA (Upgraded 60 HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 HA (Upgraded HLA HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 LA (Upgraded 60 LA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Clothing (Upgraded 60 Clothing) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 Clothing (Upgraded HLA Clothing) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Dancewear (Upgraded 60 Dancewear) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv62-70 Dancewear (Upgraded HLA Dancewear) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Lv68-70 Robes (Upgraded 60 Robes) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Extra Extra special thanks to Ittoujuu (32) for modeling all these armors and providing me the opportunity to complete my gallery of Male armor sets (and AKFrost for helping to make this possible). These pictures were taken the day before Aeria Domo closed, and although I intended to edit and post them way back then, somehow it never happened until now. I apologize for this lapse, but at least you can enjoy them now.

I have also given the site a good once over and refresh, updating things where I could and removing outdated info (the Links page in particular was written in 2009 and never updated again, this has been dealt with). I also added some links to useful websites on the sidebar at the bottom.

There is another update I still need to address, containing a large batch of Male costume images which were taken around the same time (you can see which ones will be included in the male missing list, update pending section). This might be up in a week or so if things go well. I am also planning to standardize all the costume names on this site to the list on Domo Wiki, which has the last known 'official' names for them, to prevent potential confusion. I may include the alternative name in parentheses if it fits within the space available.


Lastly, Suba Games has licensed a new English version of Domo, starting with a Closed Beta that will begin on Friday, February 13th, at 5pm EST. Closed Beta has been stated to last approximately 3 weeks. More information is available here, and there is a detailed FAQ as well. A directory of third-party sites where CB keys are available is located here.



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I have added a forum to the site - Domo Guide Archives - with backups of most of the archived Aeria Domo Forum guides that were on TWDomo.com, which recently became inaccessible after its domain expired. This new forum is an attempt at replacing that forum and an attempt to preserve the Aeria Domo Forum content which had been backed up there. Hopefully these classic guides written by players of days past will continue to be useful to those who are still actively playing Domo on the Chinese servers.

In other site news, unexpectedly I never delivered the promised final large image updates, but I still have the screenshots and hopefully I will get around to posting them all up some day for the half dozen or so people who still view this site.


For those who are not currently playing a DoMO server but may have an interest in doing so, Softstar's IC Domo is still in operation and there are still a number of English guilds in existence there. As well, an HK server recently opened (also in Chinese) if for some reason you would rather try that, but I don't know if you will find much of an English community there.

If you have an interest in playing Softstar's IC DOMO, please check this post:
For those who wish to play on TW DOMO (Guide to Registration and setup)

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As of June 30th at 5pm PST, Aeria DoMO has closed its doors. However, this site will continue to operate as long as I live and have a webspace.

In the coming days I have two big updates to post from two modeling sessions in the last days of operation. One consists of a large number of the missing male costumes (but sadly not ALL of them), and all of the missing male upgraded armors. I have to really give special thanks to the people who went above and beyond the call of duty to make these two shoots possible, and they will be credited in the news posts to come (unless they wished to remain anonymous).

I also want to thank everybody who helped me with this site in any way over the years, from the models, who were always totally awesome, the people who provided armor and costumes to be screenshotted, equally as awesome, and everybody else who helped make shoots possible and helped promote my site. I have maintained a complete list of the contributors as well as exactly which races and items they modeled, which you may peruse if you want to see if anybody you know is in there.

Although Aeria DoMO has closed, it doesn't have to end here, because Softstar's home server, IC DoMO is still in operation. For more information on playing on this server, please check out the following links:

For those who wish to play on TW DOMO - Guide to registration and setup
twDoMo - Replacement community forum with many archived guides

For contacting me in regards to modeling opportunities, my contact information has changed. You may whisper or mail MiaoCuihua on IC Domo if you need to get in touch with me. I will update the pages to reflect the new changes sometime soon.

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New Additions (All Female Races):
- Spring Lady (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

New Additions (All Male Races):
- Ancient Warrior (w/out helmet) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Bumblebee (w/out wings) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr), Penguin (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Male Sylph, Human, Sprite:
Freddy (w/out headgear) (Syl | Hum | Spr), Peter Pan (w/out wings) (Syl | Hum | Spr), Thai (Syl | Hum | Spr)

In this update I have made an attempt to clear my backlog of unedited costume images, most of which were taken quite a long time ago.

- Penguin was modeled by Viet_Shadow_Drone of Sapphire (4) and his mules, and these were taken on 2011/03/28.
- Spring Lady was modeled by one of *~Charon~* of Sapphire (4)'s mules, these were taken on 2011/07/26.
- Thai was modeled by Wansh of Sapphire (3), these were taken on 2011/07/31.
Special thanks to these three models, and my apologies for taking so insanely long to put them up on the site.

- The incomplete set pics of Ancient Warrior, Bumblebee, Freddy, and Peter Pan were taken by me on JDomo's Phoenix Server when it had the free item mall just before it closed down (at the same time as the ones previously posted from there). I hadn't planned to use these unless the game shut down and I didn't have full set pics, but with every day that passes the chances of getting full set pics diminishes, so I just edited these incomplete ones.

I would really like to find some models for the male upgraded armor sets I am missing (which is almost all of them), so if anybody has one of these sets please get in touch with me either ingame or through the Aeria forums.

Contact Information:
Sapphire IGN: Lanniang, Aeria Forums: Leirosa

Check the replies to this post here to see the additional group 4-race and 3-race pics of the incomplete sets.

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- Implemented the expanding menus I used on my other site.
- Removed as many references to the Gudang as I could find from the item lists.
- Added HP/Chi costs for the Five Clans version of Clan Powers. These are shown in bold orange after the original costs.
- Added Yong Le towns (JZW, CF, JT) to most location lists, such as skills and all types of crafting comps.

I may fiddle with the expanding menus a bit more but I probably won't make a new news post if I do. It was actually pretty easy to put them in since both of my sites use basically the same code.

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- Added/Updated some information relating to powers in the Five Clans Server (Yi Tech, WSKF, Death Storm)
- Fixed listed range on Unarmed Power, Cleanse the Body

Let me know if you see any errors in power or item stats (but NOT Gold Costs).

FWU Server's modified clan powers are not listed in the pages, but you can see their changes (or at least the ones they had me write) listed in this Update Log, along with my FK server map.bin edits.

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New Additions (All Female Races):
- Lv68-70 HA (Upgraded 60 HA) (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)
- Royal Chef (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

New Additions (All Male Races):
- Pastry Chef (Syl | Hum | Shu | Spr)

Special thanks to ~Eluluu~ of Onyx (4) for making and modeling the Upgraded 60 Heavy Armor, Marler of Sapphire (4) for modeling Royal Chef, and Wansh of Sapphire (4) for modeling Pastry Chef.

This update completes all of the currently available armor sets for Females once again, but the Male Upgraded 60/Upgraded HLA armors are still sorely lacking.. surely somebody has made one of those missing sets by now?

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