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Welcome to my weird and wonderful site- I hope your stay will be a pleasant one. There are two main sections on this site:

Lotus Goddess' Mirror, a fansite for the game Dream of Mirror Online, which provides previews for armor and costumes. (Active)
Lotus Goddess Archives, a fan infosite for the now defunct game Fung Wan Online/Storm Riders Online. (Inactive)

In addition to these I also have two smaller sections, Chinese Language and Colouring Pictures. The Chinese Language section can be considered a legacy section and has not been changed for a long time. As for the Colouring Pictures page, it is a full gallery of the pictures that were displayed in the old header using a randomizer script.

Design Conversion


March 14, 2009, 06:22:10 PM
by Leirosa

At long last, I have converted this site over to the newer design used on my Fung Wan Online and Dream of Mirror Online Fansites.

Not much is new besides the conversion and link fixes, but I did add a gallery of all the random side images which were in the header of the old design.

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